Real Estate Commissions房地产佣金

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Real Estate Commissions房地产佣金

1.1. It’s your right这是你们的权利

The average real estate commission has come down from 6 percent in the early 90s to about 5 percent on average.平均房地产委员会6%回落到90年代初,平均约5%. But remember, no matter what the going rate is, you should be able to haggle.但请记住,不论如何率,你应该可以讨价还价. By law, commission must be negotiated.根据法律,委员会必须谈判. Otherwise it’s known as price fixing.否则就是被称为订价. If you manage to negotiate even a one point difference in commission, you can save thousands of dollars.如果你在谈判时甚至有一点不同,你可以节省数千万元.

2.2. Gather your strength你们聚集力量

The truth is, now is a great time to drive a hard bargain.事实是,现在是一个伟大的时间还钱. The Internet has created even more competition in an already crowded arena.互联网创造一个更加竞争的舞台已经拥挤. You naturally have a negotiating edge.你自然有一个谈判力. However, if your house is in good condition in a desirable location, you have even more of an edge.不过,如果你的房子是在一个良好的理想地点,你更优势.

To get the most out of your bargaining, you should get at least three or four commission estimates from agents and use that information to pit agents against each other.为了您获得最谈判你应该得到至少三、四委员会估计,从代理商和使用信息坑代理商对方. To really do your homework, get the agent’s qualifications and take note of any weaknesses in their record, like a disciplinary action or a very inactive selling period.你真的要做功课,让代理商的资格和注意自己的任何缺点纪录就像一个非常活跃的纪律处分或卖期.

3.3. Negotiate elsewhere谈判别处

When it comes to tough negotiations, you may want to step outside your home.说到艰苦谈判,你想走出你的家. We’re taught to be polite to guests in our homes, says Brad Inman of Inman News.我们要有礼貌地告诉客人,在自己的家,说布拉德inmaninman的消息.

“It’s tough to play hardball when your ten-year-old son is in the next room,” he says.”这是硬碰硬当你玩硬10岁的儿子是在下一房间,”他说. You may want to take your negotiations to your office, or a friend’s home.你想你把你的办公室谈判,还是朋友的家.

Don’t forget, you can negotiate the marketing plan.别忘了,你可以商议营销方案. You can bargain about everything from the quality of the photographer to the frequency of open houses to the types of advertising you expect.你可以讨价还价,处处从质量摄影师的房子种类不限次数您希望广告.

4.4. Try the laddered approach阶梯方式的尝试

Think incentives.认为奖励. Using a laddered approach with your agent can help keep your agent on their toes.采用阶梯方式可以帮助你保持你的代理人代理们疲于奔命. In the laddering approach, you would offer your agent a bonus or an increase in their commission if they sell your home for a specific target price.在梯状办法你会让你的奖金或增加代理佣金,如果你家卖了具体目标价格. But remember this may take some delicate negotiations since most agents aren’t eager to do business this way, says Inman.但记得这可能需要一些微妙的谈判,因为大多数代理商并不急于做生意这样说inman.

5.5. There are alternatives有替代品

If you don’t want to use a full-service real estate agent to sell your home at all, but you would still like some help in selling your home there are alternatives.如果你不想用一个全面服务房地产经纪人推销各级民政、但你仍然想帮助你家有替代品出售.

You can turn to discount brokers, who may charge commissions of 3 percent.你可以打开贴现经纪人,他们可收取佣金的百分之三.