Real Estate Misc | Real Estate Investing Blog – Part 2

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Real Estate Misc | Real Estate Investing Blog – Part 2

Besides being a technology guru, I’m an SEO (search engine optimization) professional and also real estate investor. It’s not very often you find a combination of skills that entail technical expertise and real estate knowledge but I found someone else who possesses a similar skill set.

Dustin Luther over at impressed me with one of his posts about how important inbound links are to a site. It’s a very helpful article and I urge you to read it if you’d like to better understand how SEO works.

For those of you who do not know much about SEO or inbound links let me quickly clarify. Read more

For those of you interested in investing outside of the US, I’d recommend checking out a cool new European property search engine called This site collects listings from thousands of websites and presents them in a simple Google map sort of way. This clever play on words website currently boasts over 1.8 million properties listed in 45 European countries.

Find your dream second home or go global with your real estate investing plan by using this cool property aggregation website. It costs nothing to use and would be a great excuse to find a potential investment property to fly out and see and write off the whole trip!

Calculating potential cash flow is a very important step to take as a real estate investor before you commit yourself to the long-term of owning rental properties. How much rental income will it receive for each month if the property is rented? This question relates not only to the immediate level of income but also to longer-term investment feasibility.

For example, if you expect the property to grow in value only modestly, and for very little income coming in each month, is it really worth the risk? If you believe that your income from owning rental property will not be substantial, there might be other alternatives for investing your money. Read more

There are many new websites popping up like and which claim to give you a pretty good estimate of what your home or even your best friend’s home is worth. The technology out there today allows such sites to do this and are pretty impressive compared to the old days where you’d have to go around reading newspapers or speaking with real estate agents to find out what neighborhood homes typically sell for.

Here’s a quick list of the top home valuation (or home tool) websites I’ve recently come across listed in no particular order: Read more

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