Record Foreclosure Rates Could Mean Cash in Your Pocket

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Record Foreclosure Rates Could Mean Cash in Your Pocket

With the mortgage crisis in full swing, homes are going into foreclosure left and right all across the country. In 2005 there were 850,000 foreclosures, with the number of foreclosures increasing every quarter.

All these foreclosed properties offer you a great investment opportunity. You can scout and buy homes in foreclosure, then keep them as rental properties and collect monthly checks from tenants. Or you can purchase foreclosed properties and flip them, renovating and selling the homes for a profit. The time has never been better to use the real estate market to your advantage.I was recently sent a free copy of a great foreclosure book by a real estate pro by the name of Denise Evans. Her book, The Make Money on Foreclosures Answer Book: Practical Answers to More Than 125 Questions on Investing in Foreclosure Property is a straightforward, easy-to-follow guide to making money from foreclosures.

A quick and authoritative reference, the book explains all the elements of the foreclosure process and reveals everything you should keep in mind as you deal with foreclosed properties. The Make Money on Foreclosures Answer Book answers the most common questions about working with foreclosures, covering such topics as:

  • Finding properties to buy
  • Borrowing money to fund your purchase
  • Determining your costs
  • Buying pre-foreclosures and buying at auction
  • Buying through a bank or the government
  • Tax and legal issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Dealing with the property’s former owner

Written by a real estate broker and attorney with over twenty years’ experience making money in the real estate market, The Make Money on Foreclosures Answer Book reveals insider tips and strategies that will help you buy foreclosure properties safely and sell them to earn a profit. Check it out on Amazon to buy or read more about it.

About the Author
Denise L. Evans received her law degree from the University of Alabama Law School. She is a licensed real estate broker, an active member of the Commercial Real Estate Club of Birmingham, and a research associate for the Alabama Real Estate Research and Education Center. She resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.