What Every Real Estate Agent Ought to Know About Blogging

Posted on: November 20, 2008 Posted by: Real Estate We Blog Comments: 0

What Every Real Estate Agent Ought to Know About Blogging

With the recent changes in technology, there is a big change coming in the way real estate marketing is done. Right now, Realtors have been very slow to adopt new technologies and that’s a mistake.

How powerful would it be for a real estate agent in a city like Las Vegas to set up their own web site explaining the current industry trends, home values, local neighborhoods, or other information of interest? Sites like zillow.com are great for providing you with high-level information about home prices but still lack the “bird dog” like information that a local Realtor would have great insider information about.

All this is in the power of a blog which is an easy way for brokers and/or agents to set up a medium for them to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge, viewpoints, and experience with clients and prospects. Not only that, but their blog would be a lead generation machine and can also produce additional advertising income from local lenders, home developers, property management companies, moving companies, and more.

A blog helps you demonstrate your expertise and boosts your credibility in a certain field. Most real estate agents don’t realize the power they are to have and are failing to use it because they don’t understand current technologies and the blogging world. If you are able to demonstrate that you’re an expert, home buyers will seek you out when they need advice regarding a home purchase or sale.

In addition, real estate investors like myself are always looking for local insiders to provide current economic and real estate information since that information is very hard to come by. I urge all real estate agents to start their own blog to not only prove that they are an expert in their field and area of business, but also to drive new prospects and leads which will ultimately help their business grow.

If you’re a real estate agent where do you get started? First start reading about blogging and sign up for a free blog account on sites like WordPress or Typepad. They are very easy blogging platforms and allow you to get up and running within minutes. I also provide real estate blog consulting services and could setup, design, and train your staff for a reasonable rate. Please contact me directly from my about page.