A New Way To Sell Your House – Bury St. Joseph In Your Yard

bury st josephAre you religious (or not) and looking for a new way to speed up the process of selling your home? If so, you may want to try what one person did to help sell her home in Brooklyn, N.Y. during this difficult real estate market. She has turned to an unlikely source for help: St. Joseph.

St. Joseph is a Catholic saint who has long been believed to help with home-related matters. And according to lore now spreading on the Internet and among desperate home-sellers, burying St. Joseph in the yard of a home for sale promises a prompt bid. After she and her husband held five open houses, even baking cookies for one of them, she ordered a St. Joseph “real estate kit” online and buried the three-inch white statue in her yard.

These statues are flying off the shelves as an increasing number of skeptics and non-Catholics look for some saintly intervention to help them sell their houses. Talk about desperate measures. You might as well put your house up on eBay and/or Craigslist and see if anyone makes a bid. Regardless, I guess at this point I would try anything and everything to help sell my home.

You can read the entire article on the RealEstateJournal website.

Update: I received an email from the seller and her house has sold! Congrats to her and apparently burying St. Joseph in her yard helped. πŸ™‚

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  1. This is nothing but “catholic witchcraft”….this can even be found in the “wicca spellbook” to help sell a house…..please pray and ask God himself before you consider this method to sell your home. The Bible says “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Also see in Deut. about the abominations of God…divination, witchcraft, etc. Please do not use this method to sell your home…..please do not open up yourself up to a power other than what comes from the Lord. If you have, you can repent and help others become aware of what this really is……simply witchcraft…relying on a power other than from God….research for yourself!

  2. That is hilarious. I will definitely mention that to some of my clients. Maybe some of them are even desperate enough to try it.

  3. 15 years ago we lived in an area that was plagued with Cancer Cluster ‘Media Hype!’ We needed to sell our home and move west. Although this hysteria dropped the value of our home below what we paid for it years before we decided to make the move for career and family reasons.
    I purchased a St. Joseph Statue and buried it in the front yard upside down about 8-10 inches in a flower bed! Within weeks we sold our home.
    I left the statue there for the new owner….

    I am a believer and will do it again on my next sale.

  4. Well, there is no harm in trying especially if you are absolutely serious in doing everything to sell a property. Some may think it is hilarious and too desperate but just like what I said, each one of us have the right to do everything when we are determined to succeed in what we are trying to accomplish. If you think, this is worth the try, then go for it!

  5. I’m trying to sell my home, and after we started showing it, I have found several foreign coins, hidden in drawers, behind plants, and inside a fruit bowl. It’s kind of weird, have someone heard anything about this?

  6. How was this method of selling a house proven effective? Perhaps I wouldn’t be able to believe it unless I try and prove it on my own. I don’t think real estate investors woud rely on this too much.

  7. “…she ordered a St. Joseph β€œreal estate kit” online…”
    Who’s idea was it to start selling these? And it’s insane that people would actually buy them. Somehow I doubt that the little St. Joseph statue made someone purchase the house. It probably had more to do with the other work she did to sell it.

  8. I have heard many agents talk about burying a St. Joseph in the yard. I must admit that we had difficult homes on two occasions and the sellers were okay with burying a St. Joseph. Low and behold both homes sold.

  9. We are trying to sell our house, it’s been on the market a little over a month now and all we’ve gotten is a few drive bys. I heard about this from a coworker so I purchased a St. Joseph statue early this morning and it should arrive this week and he will be promptly buried. The way I see it…what have I got to lose but the $10 I spent! I will update when the house sells!!

  10. Hi,

    After reading this blog, i can say that you really mentioned a different way for sell house. I think this is quite an interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

  11. There is no harm in trying right? So maybe I will try doing this practice so I can sell more of my listed Portland Homes for Sale. I do hope it work but of course, I will not solely depend on St. Joseph. I have faith but i also work hard.

  12. Hello! Nice kind of information shared here. Thanks for that. Perhaps having something unique in our homes, attracts the buyer more reasonably and we can get a higher rate too.

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