Can You Get Started In Real Estate With $50,000?

Flip Real EstateA few weeks ago I received an email from a gentleman by the name of John. He seems to be a bright guy around my age and was looking for some advice on how to invest in real estate with $50,000. He wanted to get involved with flipping houses and already had one successful flip with a net gain of $55,000.

I love getting these sort of emails and thought I’d share our conversation with you since he’s not the only one looking to do this. Here’s his email to me:

Hi David, I came across your blog and have found that its fresh, open and direct approach really set it apart from the glut of information out there. So thanks, and I look forward to exploring the site more fully! I’m wondering if you offer any one-on-one coaching or personalized tips for the beginner (in this case, one with a little bit of money to start with).

A little about myself: I am a 33-year old classically-trained professional musician who recently completed a Master’s degree at the Yale School of Music in Connecticut. I have been making a decent living for the past 8 years as a full-time musician, and have really enjoyed some wonderful experiences performing in other countries, etc. However, now I am thinking about settling down with my fiancé, and would like to explore opportunities in real estate more fully.

I recently sold my first property, a condo that I bought when I began my studies at Yale in 2004. After the expense of some cosmetic upgrades and broker’s fees, etc., I will net about $55,000 at the closing. This really opened my eyes to the power of investing, especially when for the past 3 years I have been living in a beautiful, spacious condo personalized to my tastes, while my peers have been paying about the same amount to live in small apartments in cramped buildings.

My basic question for you is this: do you think it’s possible for someone to get started in real estate investing with $50,000, and if so, what are some of the approaches that one might take? I looked into becoming a realtor, but I don’t think that that is the way for me; I’m more interested in investing and rehabbing properties. I have a good eye for design, etc., and am able to do cosmetic repairs myself, though I would rely on a contractor for serious remodeling like roofing, etc. I am relocating from Connecticut to the West Coast due to my girlfriend’s job situation, and I hope to devote as much time as possible to real-estate investing, while working a separate part-time job if neccesary.

I hope that you can offer me some insight, and again, I appreciate all that you do to share your knowledge with people like me. Thanks!

Here’s my response to John’s email:

Hi John-

Thanks for the complements and I appreciate your email. You’ve got off to a great start thus far! I actually don’t provide any “official” one-on-one coaching but I’m happy to give you some advice. When I first started it was all self-taught either by reading books, online information, or just trial by fire. I never really had someone to take me under their wing which is usually the best way to go.

Based on the situation you explained below, it’s definitely possible to get started in real estate with only $50,000. That’s more than most people have to begin with! So the big question is where to start. Flipping properties is a very lucrative business especially if you enjoy fixing up places and looking for deals. I’ve always wanted to do this myself but living in CA makes it tough since the market has softened and it’s important to be driving distance to these types of projects. If you feel the real estate market in your area is in better shape, I’d go for it. I’d also recommend a couple great resources to get your started. The first is a book called “Find It, Fix It, Flip It!” (aff) by Michael Corbett and gives you a great step by step approach to flipping properties. The second is checking out economic reports by a fellow named Ingo Winzer. He saves you the hassle of trying to do your own real estate research by providing amazing reports. Each one costs $99 per city but it’s well worth it.

Those tips should get you started so after you get going, let me know if you have any other questions along the way and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Good luck!


Now there are many different responses and additional details I could have provided him but each real estate investor needs to do some research and reading themselves. I find that books and just reading blogs or websites is the best way to increase your knowledge before purchasing your first investment property.

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  1. Thanks for that information. I am a Realtor in Las Vegas and helped a few people flip houses too. However, I just wanted to point out that in 2007, with the market slowdown and subprime mortgages becoming almost impossible to get, real-estate flupping has become a thing for only the rich pros again. I guess it’s the market’s way of weeding out the amateurs..

  2. Nice blog first of all, very professional !.

    My wife is a Realtor as well but she only began like a year ago, with success I must say! I told her to start blogging but she is not into that ;(.

    Anyways thank you for commenting on bontb and let me know if you need any help.

    1. I believe, starting with 50000 USD in a real estate business is a possibility. Make sure to take advantage of the free services, especially online so you can lessen your expenses.

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  3. The title of this blog caught my eye as I had the same dollar amount in mind for a deal. I just came up with this new idea tonight and am interested to see what people think about it:

    Real estate on the Gulf Coast (I live on Perdido Key, FL) is at a stand still. I have, however, two condos that I have got to sell. Now with the market flooded with other units for sale, there is no way anyone is going to pay a good price for either of these units. I have come up with an idea that might work. Please read through it and let me know what you think:

    I would create an s-corporation and recruit real estate investors. I would sell my shares in the s-corp for say $50,000 a share. The money that is collected, I use to pay off my mortgages, and I then roll the paid off property into the s-corporation as assets for the corporation. Money that is not used in the deal is retained by the corporation and can be used to invest in other properties on the Gulf Coast where there are plenty of great opportunities. I would keep a minority share of the corporation and would stay on as the managing director as I live on Perdido Key and know the market and the real estate options well. The real estate investments would be rented out as possible as these are mostly vacation and resort properties. Plus, the market will eventually recover and the properties can be sold for a good profit when that happens.

    What do you think? Is this just crazy or is it just crazy enough to work? I think $50,000 as an investment might open doors for some people who might not be able to invest more, but still want to invest in real estate.

    I welcome all comments, but please be constructive.



  4. That is a very good point, and there is no guarantee; but I do feel positive about the market in this area. All of the latest towers are nearing completion, and I have seen no new foundations started for more towers so it is a matter of the market absorbing the existing units. I would have more concerns if many towers were just starting and would be flooding the market in the next few years with brand new units.

    Plus, if this is set up as a corporation and people purchase shares in the corporation, the investors can sell their shares which are a lot cheaper than purchasing an entire property as a single investor.

  5. I think that’s a great idea Noah but the hardest part would be convincing other real estate investors that it’s a good idea. They’d need some sort of guarantee besides just ownership in the s-corp. If you’ve got legitimate experience that would help. Would you have enough capital to invest in other real estate once your mortgages are paid off?

    1. With this amount, I guess, it is still possible. But that will be really tough. You need to be very resourceful with what you have and know how to take advantage of services you can get for free, especially online, if you will be going into marketing, too.

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  6. I agree. It will be a very tough sell; and no, I have never organized an s-corp before. I will have to put together a strong team of advisors (accountants, attorneys, real estate professionals, bankers) in order to add credibility to the endeavor (which will all be needed to organize it anyway, not just to add credibility). Plus, I would not mind bringing in someone to head to corporation instead of me if that makes it easier for investors.

    Yes, I have put together a five year plan (based on the numbers I have personally put into my four properties over the past five years) which would allow for at least one other property to be purchased in the area and be able to service the debt for five years. All of this in mind for ten investors (including myself). If I opened the opportunity to more investors, more money would be available and more properties could be purchased and even extend the debt serviceability beyond five years.

    If anyone else has organized, worked or invested in a similar situation, I would love to hear about it; and everyone, I really do appreciate the interest and responses thus far.

  7. Sounds like you’ve really put some thought into this Noah. I have a friend who does something similar here in the SF bay area. He pools together $50k per investor and usually buys older apt buildings to refurbish. His company is called Drake Property Group and you might be able to get some ideas from his business model.

    I hope things work out for you…it’s really a great idea and once you get the investors (maybe family and friends first), then it’s much easier to get off the ground.

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