Caribbean Property – Investing in Paradise?

Caribbean real estateWhen many people think about Caribbean property, images of sandy white beaches and lush tropical greenery may spring to mind. However, it is not just these pleasant images which make Caribbean property so appealing. There are many Caribbean property opportunities available which are tailored for investment and anticipated to generate substantial profits for astute investors.

For a Caribbean property to be tailored for investment, there are two important principles which must be followed.

  • Firstly, setup costs must be minimized to allow investment opportunities to be a viable option to most investors. Also, the less your setup costs are in comparison to profit, the higher your return on investment will be.
  • Secondly, profit must be maximized. To maximize profit on your Caribbean property, there are several factors which must be given due care and consideration.

For example, many investors would require that their Caribbean property be fully managed to provide a healthy rental income. Therefore a management agency or company would ideally be setup to maximize rental occupancy, room rate charged and to fully manage the day-to-day running of the Caribbean property and surrounding land/site.

A favorable way for this to be setup is to buy a Caribbean property within a hotel or resort which is run by a well known and respected operator. This added brand name can greatly benefit the rental potential of your Caribbean property from day one.

Capital growth is also an important aspect to consider. Investors ideally need to conduct research to ensure that they are buying a Caribbean property which will experience sufficient demand for rental and for re-sale. This ongoing demand will ensure that property values will continue to increase and generate a substantial capital profit if and when the investor wishes to sell their Caribbean property.

There are many tax breaks to benefit from on your chosen Caribbean property. On some islands, there are no capital gains or inheritance tax to pay, making buying a Caribbean property a very attractive proposition compared to buying in other countries.

With due care and consideration, investors will be able to buy a Caribbean property which should adhere to all the above aspects and prove to be a profitable long term investment.

This guest post was written by Dan Chamberlain. If you have any questions or responses to this article, please post a comment below.

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  2. Want to live in comfortable and paradisic islands of Caribbean? If you�re tired of living in a urban areas and want to experience a different ways of living, Caribbean is your best choice. What would it take for you to find the best place in the Caribbean in the first place?

  3. The idea to buy a Caribbean property within a hotel or resort which for rental yield appealed me because if you don’t get the desired price from the buyer for your property, at least you can earn enough money by the tourists and wait till the prices move up.

  4. Caribbean property is attractive property and lots of visitors enjoy moving around Caribbean. Investors are looking towards Caribbean property because with the passage of time the value of Caribbean property is also increasing. So they invest in hotels because they know that they will get handsome earnings from hotel business. As the property investors of allrealestateproperty.blogspot have done similar things.

  5. Investing in a truly appealing place will guaranty substantial return by fully managing the property. A lot of visitors comes there seasonally, investing in hotels will be in great advantage.

  6. This is a great post. It is tempting to buy into the owning a property in the Caribbean ethos; especially when you have visited there a few times and know how beautiful it is. However, a large percentage of property in this region is sold by fractional ownership. Therefore, if you are looking to buy in the Caribbean, then there are many options to choose from.

  7. For an investor, I would not get too involved in the attractive images of lush beaches and tropical weather. Although many islands in the Caribbean may be solid investments, you should dig deep into the island’s government and policy views. Also – you should check erosion patterns and make sure your island will be around in 20 years :).

  8. The caribbean is someplace that many of us from St. Louis Missouri would love to travel too. A lot of us here in st. Louis go on cruises and vacation to the beaches. I would love to own some real estate not only in st. louis but also in the caribbean.

  9. If only it were as easy to do as buying a property here in the states! Think I’ll stick with vacationing there for now 🙂

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  11. I Have beautiful property both Residential and Commercial and not one client has ever regretted purchasing Property here in St Lucia.

    The opprotunities are endless.

    1. You should take a serious look at St Lucia as one of you options.

      Caribbean properties are one of the best decision anyone can make. Maximum profit opportunity.

      So many options from Hotels, Businesses, Villas, Homes, Land ranging from 5,000 sq ft to 500 acres and more, Beachfront homes and land.

      Purchase property, forget it for a few years and turn around and sell it making a Profit to talk about

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      Dan has provided you with such great facts and i hope he has turned on the light to the tunnel of Great Caribbean Investment.

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  12. There are many different ways one can go about purchasing property I primarily Specialize in St Lucia Property purchase. When browsing online on requirement you see only one option that is way of alien licence however that is not the only option.

    You may do by way of forming;
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    St Lucia is becoming more in demand on a daily basis and Many other Caribbean Island. This is the best time to Purchase Caribbean Property as prices are still low but do Appreciate on a daily basis.

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  14. When buying property one should always seek the option of buying the best property at the lowest possible price. Caribbean real estate on the whole make an attractive investment choice given that prices tend to remain stable, unlike North America and Europe real estate which are often more volatile.

  15. Wow! Caribbean is a a great place for real estate investment. If you are not living there, you can rent out your place to tourists and other travelers for short term or even in long terms. Good place for tourism business and real estate.

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  18. If you’re thinking of purchasing property in the Caribbean, I’d recommend taking a look at what the Dominican Republic has to offer. It’s a little paradise with affordable real estate still. Love that place

  19. Thanks for the post. I’m intrigued by the tax laws now – something I’ll need to read up on. Seems like a solid plan though. Having the residential units available is critical.

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