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For those of you interested in investing outside of the US, I’d recommend checking out a cool new European property search engine called This site collects listings from thousands of websites and presents them in a simple Google map sort of way. This clever play on words website currently boasts over 1.8 million properties listed in 45 European countries.

Find your dream second home or go global with your real estate investing plan by using this cool property aggregation website. It costs nothing to use and would be a great excuse to find a potential investment property to fly out and see and write off the whole trip! 🙂
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  1. Europe has long been considered a premier destination for culture, history, and excitement. Nowhere else in the world can one find such diverse offerings, such beautiful scenery, and so many things to do. Real estate and homes for sale in Europe are located in vastly different and diverse environments, ranging from forest to oceanfront and coastal to mountainous. We have started a website for people to sell and buy property without commision. Direct from seller to buyer. is where you should have a look. Wherever you go in Europe, you can find something that fits your needs and wants. The most famous destinations on the planet can be found on this continent, scattered across countries such as France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

    1. Investing in a real estate property abroad is attractive but at the same time, it is also risky. but if you know the market well and you think you can handle real estate ownership outside your own country, then, international investing might be for you.

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  2. Hello,

    We often forget about Slovenia, a safe country to invest (and such a beautiful one!). Futhermore properties are still very affordable and the environment great.
    The location makes Slovenia a great destination for Saling, skiing, mountain biking, hiking and also for the great food quality.

    For example, here is a house in a vineyard at the top of a hill in Lendavaske gorice (east of Slovenia): lendava(.)webs(.)com.

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