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real estate criticLet’s say you’ve spent lots of time learning about real estate investing and finally started looking for properties. You end up finding a potential investment property and now you want to know if it will be cash flow positive. Sure, you could plug all your numbers into an excel spreadsheet and setup some formulas but I’ve got a better option for you.

There’s a free online property analysis tool where you can create, save, and print graphical reports displaying rate of return, cash flow, expenses, and more. I use it all the time whenever I come across a potential investment property even if an APOD (Annual Property Operating Data) is provided. It’s web-based so I can input and access the data from anywhere while I travel.

Here’s a sample analysis of what you get. For example, you plug in the purchase price, closing costs, down payment, estimated expenses, market assumptions, and more. After you enter the data and save it, you’ll see if it flows. Check out Real Estate Critic and see for yourself. Did I mention it’s free? Can’t beat that.

free real estate analysis software

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  1. I’m going to check this out, I use real estate software that doesn’t have this in it but does do a great job in automating my purchase and sale forms:

    I will check this free tool out as well, anything that helps get the job done faster and more efficient!


  2. Real estate is really the fast growing sector in India; it’s growing day by day. Property always returns higher benefits than any other investment.

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