Home Insurance – Where to Start

Picking the right insurer for your home can be a daunting task especially if you’re a new home buyer with no prior experience. There are so many providers out there with such a vast range of insurance packages, it’s difficult to tell which is the right plan just for you.

Fortunately the internet makes home insurance shopping much easier especially with sites like InsWeb for the US and Money for UK residents. InsWeb provides a free database  which offers quotes from up to 8 insurers and the UK Money site provides up to 20. They are basically search engine comparison sites so you can access quotes from one location without having to hop from one insurance site to another.

There’s also an article on the CNN site under the money section which I recommend reading that discusses the top things to know about insurance. They even provide some other good articles worth reading pertaining to home ownership in general.

Insurance coverage and requirements also vary based on which state and country you live in. For example, I live in San Francisco which is very earthquake prone so an optional earthquake insurance option is available. Others who live in the mid-west are prone to hurricanes so their insurance will be more expensive.  Regardless of your location, it’s always important to seek out and find at least 2-4 quotes before making your decision. Not only will you save money but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you didn’t just select the first insurance plan you came across. Good luck in your search!

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  1. This is great information. I’ve been shopping for home insurance and didn’t know where to start. thanks

  2. Make sure you start looking early and find the right insurance for you and your needs. Use the Internet as a tool and ask a lot of questions. Shop around and find what is best for you.

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  6. Insurance can help you with your peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a covered loss, your damaged home will be rebuilt and your destroyed belongings will be replaced. Your home is probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make. By insuring your home, you are helping to protect your investment and your equity.

    We know, natural calamities are uncontrollable. So if nature hits in the form of a fire or flood, you are basically out of luck unless you have insurance. Home insurance will protect you against things like floods and natural disasters and can even be as specific as helping to protect your home from things like break-ins and robbery.

  7. One should be careful enough when choosing home insurance. Pick the best you know will benefit you most. We should not take impulse decision. It might lead you to dissatisfaction. Nature is unpredictable, so we are not prepared when the calamity will devastate.

  8. It’s always a great idea to control risk as much as possible. There are so many different types of insurance. What do you recommend for investors who are flipping houses or buying apartment buildings?

  9. Just noticed Brian W’s comment abov e and he is absolutely right. You have no idea how many folks get ripped off by buying their home insurance without much thought.

  10. This post is really very appreciable. your post is very advantageous for me and very good. Thanks a lot. Never assume anything. Buy from a professional you know and trust.They are basically search engine comparison sites so you can access quotes from one location without having to hop from one insurance site to another.
    Daniel North

  11. You should check your insurance with an insurance adjuster. Adjusteres look at what is covered or what the insurance company will try not to cover.

    Bottomline if you feel ripped off by an insurance company you are going to call in the adjuster.

    So why not develop a realationship with your insurance adjuster 1st.

    Have him look over the policy because it there is a claim he will get you the max in the end.

  12. I cannot believe how many folks cannot tell me how much protection they have on their own home. It’s important to know not only how much coverage you have but also what perils you’re protected against.

  13. Thank heavens you cannot close on a home purchase without at least the minimum insurance to protect the mortgage holder. Otherwise I fear many would not insure their homes at all.

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