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agent-theme4If you are a real estate agent or someone looking to take your real estate website to the next level, then I highly recommend the Agent WordPress theme by StudioPress. It’s an amazing black two or three column professional theme with a strong emphasis on photos and functionality.

Unlike many other real estate themed templates, this modern theme is customized so you can actually display your listings, write articles, create pages, and even have your own blog all-in-one. You can’t beat that functionality.

Once you view the live demo, you’ll notice that the home page has an animated rotating sideshow so you can easily display your top listings. The theme designer and developer cleverly used WordPress categories to create a real estate search engine of sorts that highlights all of a brokerage’s or agent’s listings.

Below you will see what a single listing page looks like. It’s very clean and provides a large photo spot and main description towards the top. Following that area is a “Property Details” and “Additional Photos” sections. I can only say so much about this theme. It’s just better if you see it in action for yourself.

premium real estate wordpress theme

With this package you get unlimited theme support and customization techniques with detailed theme tutorials. Brian Gardner is the designer behind this beauty and he’s got several other templates as well. If you are looking for a low-cost and high-quality premium WordPress theme then this is just for you. I personally have purchased one of his other themes (Revolution Sports) which is actually what this real estate blog uses.

To have this sort of custom design done for your blog would easily cost several hundred dollars. On top of that, you’d have to pay a web developer to code this into a WordPress theme. Essencially you would pay close to $1,000 for this! The good news? This template costs only $59.95 or you can buy the entire set of his amazing premium WordPress themes for $199.95! You also get instant access to download it right after you pay. Credit card or PayPal are both accepted.

I promise you won’t be disappointed with this theme. Keep in mind though after you purchase it, you’ll need to spend at least one hour getting everything configured.

If you’re interested in other niche themes, I’d recommend the following: a job board theme, directory theme, classifieds theme, and even a coupon theme. These are all designed and built by the leading WordPress application themes company, AppThemes.

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  1. I personally use this theme on my website, and I absolutely love it! It is very flexible and can be customized in a lot of different ways. Not to mention, many of the SEO features are already built in!

  2. I actually use the theme myself and I love it. It’s a little bit of work at first to get used to it, and for a while I kept having to figure things out. But finally I got used to it and it works flawlessly. It has a beautiful display and all my clients tell me that my site is one of the best they’ve seen in Lima.

  3. These are some pretty slick real estate wordpress themes. I wonder if they have any that are more specifically tailored to apartment search.

  4. I love this theme is so clean, and the slide show is easy to setup. I ran in to a real estate hosting company ( that offered this in there mix of themes. Its kinda nice because it ready to use.

  5. A theme list this should really be considered as a starting point. Realtor websites already struggle with looking the same, so it is really important to customize the theme to look completely unique.

  6. It is really effective template enabling you to control every single part of your website without any third person’s help. It is also well structed for onsite search engine optimization.

    Hope it helps.

  7. That is a great theme. I use wordpress themes by Gorilla on my sites. WordPress is the best. I never had to learn any real programming and was able to launch my own sites pretty easily.

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  8. Why fool around with WordPress (a job in itself) when you could be easily posting listings and have an Agent Site for free? There are many of these type of sites around but YaHomeHoo is a no frills, clean, FAST loading platform. Check it out, it’s free.

  9. Nice theme, I like the header area, especially the RSS box, a class but unique take on it. Flash header is nice too and doesn�t even take too long to load.

  10. i also agree… it was interesting themes and very good tip for the blogger. you can get several templates and you can customize techniques with detailed themes as well. thanks for the blogger!

  11. Great article, i believe this is what we have been waiting for. The new face of THE REAL ESTATE TEMPLATE. it’s very easy for our client to navigate through our site. Tayo

  12. I keep on hearing that TN (Sweetwater) is making a big come back have you heard the same….It is so affordable right can pick up 2+ acres for less than 25k?

  13. These could be really useful for my site. I was trying to find real estate themes that could fit my needs but I was unsuccessful. I searched a lot of sites and nothing came up. I have a few customers from Peoria homes for sale who would say the design of the site could use a little curbing up. Well, I don’t need to search other sites no more.

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