Real Estate Agents – How to Get Noticed

What is the key to getting noticed, being remembered, and getting referrals?  It’s simple actually, the answer is building strong, lasting client relationships.  The most effective way to do this is by keeping in constant contact with them and leaving a gift behind to remind them of you later.  A phrase used for this type of self advertising is “Pop By”.  You want to Pop By clients, old and new, on a regular basis.

And it doesn’t matter which market you find yourself in.  If it’s booming, you need to keep in constant contact with all your many clients and hit the pavement to get those FSBOs in your trusted hands.  When it’s a slow, dragging market, you need spend a lot of time building long lasting relationships with the few clients you have at the time so they think of you every time hear of a friend who wants to sell.  And you need to hit the pavement and gobble up those listings that have expired.  After all, who wants to be sitting at the office making cold calls all day?  Every agent’s dream is to be working completely by referral.  And this is done by keeping in constant communication with your clients and building new relationships with their referrals.

So what’s the best way to do this simple key thing? The answer is simple and FUN!  The most effective way to do the above is by quickly stopping by and bringing the client, or prospective client, a small personalized gift that can be left behind to remind them of who you are.   The main point is for this gift to be personalize with your contact information. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase the minimum of 300 letter openers (as cool as they are) with your logo painted on them.  You can do this much more economically, creatively and with a lot more flexibility by creating your own tags or putting your business card with the gift.

So start a campaign!  Whether it’s gobbling up those expireds, getting the latest FSBOS to trust in you, or keeping your past clients within arms reach, you need to start a campaign that’s all your own. Use gifts that are small, inexpensive and something you can easily personalize by attaching a tag or business card.  Another key point to this style of gift is to add a smart, witty tag line so the client actually remembers what they read. You can make cookies and write “I’ve got the recipe to your success.”  This is a concept  advocated by some major business coaching companies here in the states. focuses on creating these items for real estate agents who don’t have the time (or creativity) to create their own.

Are you going to focus on gobbling up those expired listings?  Search the MLS every morning to grab that listing that expired at 11:59pm last night.  Be at their door hours after it has expired and represent them before anyone else get’s the opportunity.  For expired you want to bring an item that’s not too pricy – you don’t want to invest too much in someone that might close the door on you.  But is definitely something to break the ice when you randomly show up on their door step.  Something that catches their attention and/or entertains them.  I have a client that gives little miniature flash lights to all her expireds and “Spot Lights” their home to get it sold.  Another clients using little tool shaped candies to say that she has “all the right tools to get the job done.”
Some key points:

  • Have you already branded yourself? Pick gifts that highlight your brand.
  • Use several different “levels” of gifts.  Have smaller, less expensive gifts for lower priority clients and nicer slightly more expensive gifts for your A clients.
  • Bring gifts specifically for your clients children or pets.  When the clients sees that you have paid attention and know about their family and personal life, they are more willing to trust in you and take you in as part of that life.
  • Specify it to the season or holidays.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas make this type of marketing great fun.
  • Get creative and have fun!

Point being, spend some time building a brand and hitting the pavement to really get to know your clients.  Besides, sitting in the office simply calling to say hi get’s really boring.  So get creative, get out there, and get busy!

Author: Alissa Avolio

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  3. I recommend having a great holiday party and inviting current clients and potential clients. You get to thank them and hope your current clients convince your potential clients to come on board with you…

  4. The Article that Alissa wrote is very powerful.

    Pop-Bys are a concept not only used in the real estate industry, but in many other industries where relationship management techniques are used.

    I live just outside of Toronto, and many of the Realtors there that I know studied the teachings of Brian Buffini. As I am sure that most of you are aware, Brian Buffini, Real Estate Coach, is big into ‘pop-bys’.
    I spent some time as a realtor, and studied these techniques myself. I have since moved onto another industry which is banking, however, I still practice pop-bys in my new industry, as I deal with many business owners. Relationship management helps to build loyal clients. There more you see them, the more top of mind you will be.
    I still have my Realtors license, however, I don’t actively sell real estate anymore. I kept up though with real estate investment, and I help friends, family, and contacts with advice and knowledge as to how to buy their first rental property.

    Best Regards,

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  6. I agree with you. Lavishing gifts to the clients is one sweet way to get notice. People help and responded eagerly to the people who show generosity to them. Gift offering means offering of friendship. Friends help each other especially when crisis arises.

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  8. An excellent article indeed. We at Dream Town agree and practice this
    type of philosophy as well. We find that automating as much of the
    process as possible also helps with productivity. Nothing beats
    face-to-face with past clients and warm market and combining that with
    an automated system of keeping your name in front of them such as news
    letters, email etc. creates an excellent combination for success.

  9. Gifts are great, and as Dream Town said, having a system to keep your name in front of past, current, and potential clients is key to maintaining a strong business. So is having an attitude of service and adding value through a strong knowledge of the market as N. Xavier Arnold from Real Smart Investor suggests in his book “The Best Real Estate Investing Method Ever.”

  10. Very insightful article that has a lot of beneficial information on how to gain a client base and diversify ones self. Because so many people love material things the trinkets or items that can be designed with your emblem or symbol are massively important. The more word of mouth you have going around in your area the more opportunity you have for new customers.

    JR McGee

  11. Hi Everyone,
    I am assuming that most of you are real estate agents and I am hoping for your feedback. I am actually a mortgage consultant. I have recently hired a professional mortgage coach to assist me in becoming a greater value to my agent partners, namely, I want to bring as much business to my agents as they bring to me. In addition to my own lead generation, I hope to assist the agent in converting more of the leads they already have in to closed transactions. It seems like agents receive plenty of leads, but due to the immense amount of time it takes to show a buyer around, they have little to time to cultivate leads. I am sure this is not the case for every agent, but wanted to know your thoughts. Thanks.

  12. The best practice I have found that gains client referrals and friendships is just treating people with respect and following through with your word. With most of my clients I like to communicate on a social level and often show interest into their lives and how they are doing. Whether it is after the sale asking them how the move went and if everything is as they wanted. Treating people with respect and showing them that you genuinely care gets you a lot farther in this field than only thinking about your own benefit.

  13. I agree, JR. I’m the same way.

    I just loaned a past client my framing nailer. Told him to keep it as long as he needed it.

    Sold him a house almost a year ago!


  14. I totally agree. In the real estate investment and development game, client relationships are everything. I can’t tell you how much business I have gotten from referrals from previous clients. If you treat every client like they are your most important client, they notice and they remember. And you never know who might refer the next multi-million dollar client to you. It very well could be the little guy you only sold a meager property to. These days you just never know!

  15. I totally agree with your article. Client relationships are key in the real estate business. I have gotten some amazing referrals that have turned into excellent deals themselves. The La Mesa, CA real estate market seems to be extremely client based and you have to provide each client with what they need and treat them right.

  16. I think the big take away is – be mindful, be alert, and be a good neighbor. Are you giving them a reason to make you their Realtor?

  17. Marketing ones self is so important in the field of Real Estate. You need to have a strong client base and what is a better way than referrals? Referrals are some of the strongest recommendations you can receive. That is why I believe and stress the relationships that each Realtor has with their client. You want to keep a positive and professional relationship at all times.

  18. If you’re passionate about real estate, have a true desire to help your clients, and keep abreast of the properties that sell in your market, you’ll absolutely have no problems finding and maintaining clients.

    People love spreading the word about things that please them. Whether it’s a sale at a store, a great little spot to take pictures, or a real estate agent that does a fantastic job, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be getting referrals on a very regular basis.

  19. Becoming a well known Real Estate agent takes time and dedication. You need to be willing to get your name out there in many ways possible and work with multiple different clients. Being able to use previous clients as references and referrals is always a great way of increasing your popularity!

  20. I have found that the internet is an extremely strong tool to market yourself in a large fashion. So many clients first consult the internet when looking for a house anymore that it is a must if you are a real estate agent. I have my own personal website that helps define me as me and gives clients an idea as to what I am capable of providing to them.

  21. My real estate career wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for client referrals. They are some of the best advertising you can use or have. Nothing works better than an actual clients opinion and referral. That is why it is so important to treat each client like they are your only client.

  22. If you’re really serious about getting your name out there enough so that you gain new clients and have a system that allows you to stay relevant, you need to check out Not only do they tell you what you need to do with their coaches, they also GIVE you everything you need to do it!

    Realtime Referral is the next best thing in real estate, because truth of the matter is I know keeping long lasting relationships with clients is important, what I needed was to make it easier to do so.

  23. This information is basic to sales and yet the greatest advice to follow. Being a Realtor for over 20 years the more I learn the more I find the basics are important. Stay In Touch!

  24. A licensed real estate agent should be considered to provide you advice and information about the property that you want to purchase. As you spend a big amount of money, information and advice would be very important.

  25. The best way is search engine optimization , so you can be more visible on web and have more traffic to your website. Try to create fresh updated contents on your website. The clients will understand your difference than anothers.

  26. Good post. What some people tend to forget that one of the most important aspects of developing relationships is face time and getting to know your perspective client or client. With the Internet/Cell phones these days, it’s very easy to lose touch with a client by only sending e-mails or send texts. Clients want to know you care so you should for sure that the small things count.

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