Real Estate Brochure Printing

The importance of quality brochures for real estate agents and those trying to advertise their properties is sometimes overlooked. Just like a resume, the quality of paper you use reflects on your professionalism. How many times have you seen a cheap piece of paper presenting a house or apartment building for sale? Most of the time I see these fliers they are people trying to sell the home without a real estate agent. In my opinion, it’s worth going the extra mile to spend a few bucks more to pay for quality brochures and or paper.

The second part of printing brochures has to do with convience. I like being able to handle any brochure printing needs with ease and one such solution is to use an online printing company. After doing some searching online, I ended up finding such a service called I have yet to use their offerings but when the time comes, I’m sure to give them a try.

Has anyone else tried an online printing service before? If so, what were your experiences? I’d like to think most online businesses are legit but without a positive review from a nuetral person, it’s hard to trust a site.

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  1. Valuable information. Thanks. Do you happen to know if it is possible to have it shipped to Croatia? How much would it cost? Thanks

  2. The way a home is presented both in terms of home staging and in terms of the marketing materials displaying the photos and information is paramount to achieving a good sale price. Personally I think that people shouldn’t try and cut costs here and should choose an agent who is willing to put money into the printing of these materials – thicker stock with matt lamination.

    1. you are right! one should not try to cut costs when it comes to effective marketing strategies such as the use of brochures. well-thought design, glossy paper and great print quality can really make a huge difference!

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  3. Although the internet and online marketing strategies are very helpful in the real estate industry, traditional materials such as brochures are still very effective. Well, brochures printed on glossy papers always have that appeal. 🙂

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  4. Design is very much important in grabbing the attention of potential clients and readers, so it is very essential for a real estate agent or a marketer to consider the quality of design and printing when they create a brochure for the listings. Feel free to visit Orlando Homes for Sale if you are interested with available real estate properties.

  5. If your selling valuable houses or appartments I totally agree that some high quality exposes are worth the invest. Our experiences with online printing services are very good. The funny thing is that we have other experiences with investment real estate. The better you present these kind of properties to potentail buyers, the more sceptical they are. In this case it´s not the worst solution just to write down the some keyfacts on a piece of paper and to handle the investment as an insider-tip. You´ll be amazed how interested they get.

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