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The importance of quality brochures for real estate agents and those trying to advertise their properties is sometimes overlooked. Just like a resume, the quality of paper you use reflects on your professionalism. How many times have you seen a cheap piece of paper presenting a house or apartment building for sale? Most of the time I see these fliers they are people trying to sell the home without a real estate agent. In my opinion, it’s worth going the extra mile to spend a few bucks more to pay for quality brochures and or paper.

The second part of printing brochures has to do with convience. I like being able to handle any brochure printing needs with ease and one such solution is to use an online printing company. After doing some searching online, I ended up finding such a service called I have yet to use their offerings but when the time comes, I’m sure to give them a try.

Has anyone else tried an online printing service before? If so, what were your experiences? I’d like to think most online businesses are legit but without a positive review from a nuetral person, it’s hard to trust a site.

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  1. Online Printing Service availability has increased, offering cheap printing of brochures, material for real estate brokers or Realtor at competitive prices. Costs are low, and speed faster. Unfortunately, cheap printing prices can only be found at few online companies. Please visit compare the prices and don’t forget to see testimonials.

  2. The volume of brochures that our company puts out has gotten so great that we invested in a high quality printer and produce them in-house. Brochure almost never got printed on an offset printer anymore.

    We still outsource postcard printing to a mail house that actually mails them for us. There are tons of firms that will do this.

  3. Three years ago I sold my first home without any Net resources. But it was very difficult for me. I heard that some services can publish ads about my home in the Internet. Can you help me to choose between Fizber and Trulia? Do you know anything about these services? My friend said that “Fizber” better than “Trulia”. But maybe he wasn’t right. So I need help.

    1. yeah, I believe you are right! Online services and features will be senseless if not supported with real-person services. Customer service is always important!

  4. Printoutlet, thanks for the comment. I plan on buying an in house printer soon. I will try a few online printers first. If I can’t find what I’m looking for quality wise, I’ll buy the printer.

    I hear Brother makes the best at home printer for these types of task.

  5. The quality of brochures is definitely needed to help us sell a house.. if the brochures are lacking of design and uses low-quality papers.. maybe clients would think the real estate is not so good…


  6. In my past life, I ran a family printing business for 20 years, so I KNOW printing. In my new career as a Realtor, I can tell you that my ad spend is almost 100% online as direct mail and other forms of print advertising are, unfortunately for my old industry, less effective and cost-efficient.

  7. I invested in a dell laser printer for my brochures and it does a great job. I use Shutterfly for pictures etc. They do offer a lot of other printing options so you might compare them too.

  8. Printing quality along with quantity are the top two most important factors of printing at first. Creating an amazing brochure for your company can have a huge impact on the marketing area, underestimating this can be the downfall to any companies promotional status.

  9. Always Need the Entire quality should be good and the paper should be very good as well.

    We have the benefit of to read this article and it is should be opinion poll 8 out of 10

    Good Article on Real Estate Brochure Printing

  10. We print all ours in house. Local Kinkos type solutions are $0.40 per page, so we can beat that easily in house.

    I’m sure a online soultion can beat our inhouse soultion, however, you lose flexability.

    We put about 30 flyers in the box at a time and refill on demand..


  11. Quality brochure in real estate in vital,just like what you said it reflects on your professionalism.

    Bit now a days many real estate agents are more involved in posting and advertise their properties online, because it is more affordable and easy.


  12. Brochures has to be attractable. In its paper quality and photos of the interior facilities will attract prospect buyers. I agree that brochure is like a resume that reflects the personalism.

    But it may cost too much to produce such kind of brochures.

  13. Flyers and leaflets are dead! who uses them today anyway. We should focus more on the other types of adcvertising and sales promotion rather than wasting money on flyers that people throw after the distributor gives it to them. I suggest everyone to use our technology today. but salesmanship is still effective and will always be even old fashioned. Brochures like that should be posted online or through the use of social networking sites. Put your money in good use..dont throw it to waste!!not by anyone throwing it!

  14. You can also use and upload your brochures and they will print and mail all together at very good price – just make sure to include your own address on list so you see the finished product.


  15. There are multiple different companies that make brochures and many other advertising schemes. But like stated in the about article make sure your brochures are that of a professional matter and are on the expensive paper. This not only gives your business the image of being professional and efficient but it also gives your clients more confidence in you and what you have to offer.

  16. I have had a lot of luck in real estate just printing my own brochures at home, in fact I have had friends ask me to print for their businesses too. I just use Microsoft Publisher have an Epson printer and things seem to run smoothly.

  17. I am a big fan of vista printing, I took that chance on their services a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed. I may all of my artwork in Adobe Illustrator.

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  19. its all about demonstration and a lot of marketing… and a lil bit from brochures… I have here a site of cheap foreclosure CLICK HERE
    It’s free to join and they actually own their homes and not just a broker.

  20. I create custom glossy brochures for all my listings. I print them on cardstock from vistaprint. They have been ok but I am looking for other alternatives. I’ll check out some of the other suggestions.

  21. I’ve stopped relying on actual brochures and instead simply invested a bit more into a unique business card design. You have to have cards to give to prospective home buyers (and sellers), so why not go beyond the ordinary and spend a few extra bucks to create a card that also works like a brochure.

    Thanks for the post!

  22. We supply leaflet holders, menu holders, business card holders and similar point of sale products from our large stocks .

    We like this page, so we have also linked to it. Keep up the good work.

  23. Real Estate Brochure printing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to your business.the quality of paper you use reflects on your professionalism. Printing real estate brochures can attract new customers to your business and they can do wonders for your bottom line.

  24. Printing services is a stepping stone in creating marketing tools like brochures, pamphlets, signage, banners and graphic billboards. Print Media Concepts offers best printing services with a professionally competent team, state of art technology, high end machinery and years of experience to get you the best results.

    1. Yeah, skimping out in the brochure production will not help. Brochures are proven effective marketing material in the real estate business and one should make sure that they have the best and quality brochures to give to potential clients. If the material is not good enough, they might think that homes they are selling are also not good enough.

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