When to Invest in Real Estate

When it comes to investing in property there is no right time or wrong time, anytime is good when investing in property. The market is so wide and high that it is always possible to find some value in there. It can be easier or harder to find value depending on the state of the market but it is always there. There is always some sort of property that has been in neglect, disrepair, or simply has motivated sellers that must make a sale. Properties such as these make for a great buy at any time no matter the state of the market.

Another thing to remember is that the Real Estate market moves in cycles. It never stays low or high for too long. Eventually things reverse and go back to the way they were in the previous half of the cycle. With a little bit of knowledge you can come close to predicting the cycles and making a killing in the market. The market is also unpredictable with the leading experts unable to always buy low and sell high. Most of the time it is just educated guesswork that may or may not work so you there is no point in waiting for the ideal time to invest in the market.

The Real Estate investor that always makes money is the one who makes it a habit of buy and hold. While it is true that their money is tied up it is equally true that a sluggish market or slow economy does not do them any harm. They simply have to hold on to the property and eventually when the upside of the cycle comes around they can sell it off. In the meantime they can continue to make money by renting or leasing such property. “Buy and hold” investors are very patient and they usually have more experience watching the market than short term investors. This means they are that much better at predicting the cycles. They know when they can expect peaks and valleys and they can plan their actions accordingly. They are much better at reading the signs and making the right buy or sell decision. Being active in the market for a long time also means that they have a thorough knowledge of what is available where, and they can move in and get working.

The Real Estate market is currently going through a sluggish period all over the world, apart from a few spots like Dubai and some locations in China. This turned out to be bad news for those investors who thought that the market will continue to go up indefinitely. The good news here is that since the prices are falling down it is the right time to buy. You cannot wait too long or the cycle may reverse again by the time you are done deciding and you will pay more than you ought to.

If you are looking to buy ownership property instead of investment property then there is no point in looking at the market condition. Just go ahead and buy.

Written by William King

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  1. it article so nice investing in real estate involves being among the first to spot wholesale properties that are bargains and being able to recognize those bargains. Once you can do this, you can still make money in the residential real estate market

  2. There are lots of things to consider when entering in the real estate investing business. Here are some advise

    Wholesaling generally refers to the process of buying a property for below market price, and then selling it to another investor, usually without fixing up the property – it’s a procedure also sometimes described as “flipping properties”
    Buying and selling wholesale real estate property can be difficult and challenging as sellers are instinctively inclined to sell their property for more if they realize you are a wholesale investor.

  3. When investing in any real estate market, you need to understand that there isn’t always an easy way to make money. You need to learn not to over-extend yourself where as you put to much pressure on yourself, financially.

  4. I agree with Staten Island Real Estate Agent who said “you need to understand that there isnâ��t always an easy way to make money.” There are so many seminars and informercials out there that make it seem like the most simple thing ever to make millions in real estate. I wrote a tax lien investing blog talking about this very thing and how I see so many students jaded by these real estate gurus.

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